Spring, 2020:
I started doing Armed Security, (Private Security Contractor) on Army Bases throughout the world around five years ago. Europe, then the sand box (the middle east) now I am on a remote island in the Pacific working, offering security for buildings and security for what is here. (which is all I will say on that) OPSEC Operational Security.
I initially had no plans to do this more than a couple years, but,.. radio and voiceover did not offer me anything in retirement, except a kick in the ass out the door, thanks to the corporate conglomerates. The millionairs that I worked for that owned stations back in the day, they generally treated me well. But, times they are a changing.  (past tense, times have changed) I sure would like to see stations owned by people and that serve the community with live personalities all the time and who play cd's, not MP3's. But, alas it is what it is. C'est la vie. I will just keep putting my collection of CD's together maybe a few albums and listen to what I want at home with a great system. Those days of radio have gone.
Now, I get to travel the world on my off time and save more money than I ever have. (as grandmother said, "it isn't how much you make hunny, it's how much you save") I expect to retire in 2.5 years ..ish.  I plan to spend my retirement in Thailand and Bali.
Both places I love.
VOICE is on HOLD right now, I sort of have a hankering to do VO when I retire. But due to all the work and money involved not to mention the competition. I may just sell the studio stuff that I have. Not sure yet. Plus the stuff that I would do, could do, would have to be piece work. As I have no plans on being on a contract. Been there done that. Though I might just change my mind and do some amount of TV work, if the deal is right.
Thank  you,    
It's a dream and a gun.

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                                                                 Mark St. John VOICE Demos





          1.  ALL FORMATS - RADIO LINERS -voice-imaging -a general Demo               1:42                    
            2.  TELEVISION AFFILIATE LINERS               :40                     
            3.  TELEVISION AFFILIATE PROMOS               :51                    
            5.  RADIO STATION PROMOS               :48                    
            6. TELEVISION NATIONAL VOICEOVERS               :45                    
            7.  TELEVISION NATIONAL PROMOS               :62                    
            8.  COMMERCIALS








I most recently did  "The Choice" billboards on the Outdoor Channel.
"The Choice" is a show on cable or satellite, it's a hunting show.


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