December 2018:
I am on a wacky ride.. this ride will continue tfn. I started doing Armed Security, (Private Security Contractor) on Army Bases throughout the world. Europe, then Middle East, now I am on an island in the pacific working, offering security for buildings and secure locations. (which is all I will say on that)
I initially had no plans to do this more than a couple years, but,.. radio and voiceover did not offer me anything in retirement, so I need to continue to do this. I get to travel the world on my off time and save more money than I ever have. (as grandmother said, "it isn't how much you make hunny, it's how much you save") I expect to retire in four years ..ish.
VOICE is on HOLD right now.
Thank  you,    
It's a dream and a gun.

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                                                                 Mark St. John VOICE Demos





          1.  ALL FORMATS - RADIO LINERS -voice-imaging -a general Demo               1:42                    
            2.  TELEVISION AFFILIATE LINERS               :40                     
            3.  TELEVISION AFFILIATE PROMOS               :51                    
            5.  RADIO STATION PROMOS               :48                    
            6. TELEVISION NATIONAL VOICEOVERS               :45                    
            7.  TELEVISION NATIONAL PROMOS               :62                    
            8.  COMMERCIALS








I most recently did  "The Choice" billboards on the Outdoor Channel.
"The Choice" is a show on cable or satellite, it's a hunting show.


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