Information (general)

I am sure that most people who work within the radio and television industry are well versed on the process of hiring a voice talent. If you have any questions, just ask. Here is general information for you.  I always work on contract,  (written and signed) Which is to say, I can be the voice of your station for X amount of $ per month. There are limitations. That is, perhaps there will be a limit of so many pages per month. (double spaced 16 lines) If we go over a bit, I don't really care it's just a general guideline. (so that I don't get 20 pages a month, yes, it has happened) At the beginning of course there will be more voice to do as in any re-tool. That's understandable. There is a year deal involved or more if agreed upon. The rest is based on character. (yours and mine) But, I usually don't have problems with stations although there have been times when stations didn't want to pay after services rendered. The monthly retainer is for voice use and retaining me to do things as they come up. Doing a commercial is of course a one time deal which is contract free.  If you have questions just contact me.

Also, I've made deals with stations when there is unlimited voice-overs. (at a pricier rate)

How I get the vo to you can be done in several ways as well. The go to site right now is drop-box, where I "drop" my voice and you can go get it download and use it. There are plenty of other ways to get my voice to you, also there is a live studio setup called source-connect that I will be getting soon, which could be a cool alternative.

Oh and for people who say "ewwwuu I don't like this guys website, it's so simplistic, where's all the flashy stuff". I have been through all that, I had fire raging over my logo I had smoke coming from the bottom of the site, I had web guru's from India to L.A. on call. Invariably some stuff didn't work, didn't appear for people on their computers and to have things changed and updated was a pain. This website I've done all myself. Yes, simplistic it is, but it works, I update it myself.