THE  STUDIO                                                                                                 

I am not saying exactly what I am using, not that it really matters.I can say that I have an extremely high end amazing tube preamp and a good microphone. Though soon Iíll be updating that mic.

The microphone goes into the preamp, then goes into a little box where I spank it a bit..(compress it slightly) from that box into an Analog to Digital converter and then a digital cable into my soundcard in my computer. I record at 24 bit.

The computer I have custom built myself. It is all SSD. (solid state drives) So no spinning old school drives to get hot and fan to cool. The chip is an intel quad core 3.5 the motherboard is slammed full of fast memory. The computer is nearly dead silent with just a slight whisper of a fan my mic does not hear, the computer runs super quiet and cool which was my goal.

Easy huh? Not really, itís taken me years to perfect things.